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an architecture student with a fashion addiction

Sam Stein

meet sam

I am an undergraduate architectural science student at Ryerson University in my final year of studies. 


Growing up, you could find me wearing bracelets up to my elbows, making up new floor plans for my family home, and painting my way through high school. I have always had an eye for design and a need to create. 


In April 2020 when covid-19 forced a lockdown in Toronto, like everyone, my life was completely turned upside-down. I was let go from my co-op architecture position, and my summer plans to work abroad were cancelled. With the constant delivery of depressing news and lack of plans, I decided to do what makes me happy: paint. 


I began painting in watercolour all the places I wished I could travel to and my dream fashion accessories. Through my amazing Instagram community I started selling my original paintings. With the overwhelming response for orders in addition to going back to university, I knew I needed to find a balance. Thus, I created my first ever limited edition print collection of all fashion pieces. 


Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this design journey! I cannot wait to keep exploring my love for fashion in watercolour, creating new buildings in school (hopefully real ones one day soon) and designing whatever opportunities comes my way! 


- Sam Stein

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